Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16th

Here is the collaborative painting I am doing with Peter Sibrin. So far we've had two sessions. Now that most the canvas is covered we're gonna start suggesting figures out of our automatic painting. I think last night after staring at it for twenty minutes I saw a woman, an owl (or perhaps a fox) and some crazy cartoon face.

Its really interesting working with another artist. Pete works primarily from his subconscious, where as I almost always work from sketches and observation. This definitely took me out of my comfort zone at first. At least Pete was a great guide. Also this is Pete's first painting in oil! He's definitely converted from acrylics, but hasn't adjusted to the odors yet from the paint thinners, mediums and oils.

I noticed differences in our routines. I believe Pete paints more frequently than I do but when I paint, I paint for a longer amount of time. Probably stems from having to pump out paintings for class on a regular basis while dealing with my procrastination.

It definitely helps to have someone to motivate you. He motivates me to paint almost daily and I usually attempt to keep him painting until very late at night... actually, very early in the morning.

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