Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16th

Here is the collaborative painting I am doing with Peter Sibrin. So far we've had two sessions. Now that most the canvas is covered we're gonna start suggesting figures out of our automatic painting. I think last night after staring at it for twenty minutes I saw a woman, an owl (or perhaps a fox) and some crazy cartoon face.

Its really interesting working with another artist. Pete works primarily from his subconscious, where as I almost always work from sketches and observation. This definitely took me out of my comfort zone at first. At least Pete was a great guide. Also this is Pete's first painting in oil! He's definitely converted from acrylics, but hasn't adjusted to the odors yet from the paint thinners, mediums and oils.

I noticed differences in our routines. I believe Pete paints more frequently than I do but when I paint, I paint for a longer amount of time. Probably stems from having to pump out paintings for class on a regular basis while dealing with my procrastination.

It definitely helps to have someone to motivate you. He motivates me to paint almost daily and I usually attempt to keep him painting until very late at night... actually, very early in the morning.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15th

Almost finished with Liam's portrait. Just have to do a background and a few finishing touches. Definitely need to get a good photograph of this when it is complete. One that gives a better representation of the colors.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11th

Spent most of the evening working on a portrait of an internet acquaintance. Seems entirely peculiar to spend so much time studying the face of a person I've never met before, but alas, he replied to my request of subjects, thus he is painted.

I chose the first photograph I ever saw of him; not only was it the most familiar, but the facial expression interested me. Not to mention, as Liam describes, he is "sexy and regal" in this photograph.
I did a bit of work on his shirt and the paper mache horse (not pictured) after this photograph was taken, but that will have to be documented at another time. I am leaving his eyes, lips and piercings for when the face has dried and I am less likely to smear the canvas with my clumsiness. It is so nice to have the luxury of time now that I have graduated. No more rushing and last minute uh-ohs.

I also worked a bit on a portrait on my old high school boyfriend, Pernell. I am not too happy with it at this moment and contemplating using a different photograph. The photo I decided on was taken at night with a difficult orange haze to it. Additionally, I started on a background of Eric Prine's portrait; I still need to sketch and create an underpainting for that one.

So I don't forget, here is the list of portraits I promised to produce:
Liam McNeeley
Pernell Fowler
Eric Prine
Eric Aichele
Clint Severns
Camille Abramson

Certainly I will receive plenty of much needed practice painting facial hair with these portraits (minus Camille).

Sadly, I will not continue on Bryan's portrait that I began purely to occupy myself while waiting for responses to my offer. I won't go into details, just personal reasons restrain me from wanting to finish it.
This is the quick underpainting I completed in my refurbished phonebook sketchbook I made. I found it fitting because the page prior contained a doodle we did on a pizza box when he came to visit me in Savannah, GA. Ironically, the backdrop behind him displays the great obstacle which cursed our budding relationship; distance. Perhaps once issues are illuminated, I will work once more on it. It's a pity I feel must dismiss this one since so many have taken a liking to it (myself included, but I consider myself bias). I suppose I should do another phonebook portrait to make those admirers happy.

Lastly, I have grown tired of receiving the advice to set up a website and just might get motivated to do so (its hard to want to do that in your free time when it is your job). Can anyone recommend good hosts?